Reguli noi ptr UK din 29 dec 2014:

1.      For arrivals from another EU country an owners declaration will be required.
2.       For arrivals from Non EU countries PETS MUST travel within 5 days of their owner or nominated responsible person. The responsible person must have written authority from the owner.
3.     The Annex II Health Certificate has been replaced with the Annex IV health certificate as per EU regulation 577/2013 (see attached).
4.     A new style pet passport is now to be utilised which has the following additions:
a.     Section for the owner to sign
b.     Section for the issuing official vet to complete and endorse
c.     Rabies page is to be laminated after the details of the vaccination have been entered and this page can only be completed by an EU Official Vet.
Should any of these points be missing the pet will be deemed as non-compliant.
Within the EU where animals are being re-homed or purchased from a breeder then these moves are also subject to the Balai directive. Such movements must;
- Have an Intra Trade Health Certificate which is registered on TRACES
- Have a valid EU Pet Passport
- Originate from a registered premises
- Comply with the PET Travel Scheme Entry requirements